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Pepper’s Ghost is an amazing technique, but holograms, done right, are so much cooler. kisokiso

Tupac’s rise from the dead was, sadly, not holography

Last week rapper Tupac Shakur performed at the Coachella music festival in California – a notable feat given he was shot dead in 1996. Tupac’s glowing image appeared on stage, rapping, dancing and interacting…
Huawei has trumpeted its private-sector credentials, but it is a critical supplier of technology to the People’s Liberation Army and has strong links to the CCP. AAP

Huawei and the NBN: beware the long arm of the CCP

In response to the Australian government’s decision to prevent Huawei from tendering for National Broadband Network projects, Huawei Australia went on the offensive. Former foreign minister and current…
The NBN promises to be way more than a technology side-show. Theophilos

The NBN and cloud computing … a marriage made in heaven?

Now that the hoopla associated with the Australian National Broadband Network (NBN) has died down somewhat, I’d like to discuss one of the significant opportunities by drawing a line between the NBN and…
Telstra chief executive David Thodey at Telstra’s annual general meeting where shareholders voted for an $11 billion NBN deal. AAP

Telstra agrees to NBN deal, but ACCC hovers

Telstra shareholders have agreed to an $11 billion deal today that will hand over the telco’s fixed line network to NBN Co. Under the deal, Telstra will decommission its copper line network as customers…
A Universities Australia report estimates that implementing the Bradley Review’s vision would add 5.6% to national productivity levels by 2040 and 6.4% to Australia’s GDP. Flickr/iansand

Hiking uni funding beats NBN as a GDP booster: report

Implementing the vision of a government report that called for more university funding could boost Australia’s national productivity…
Broadband-enabled technologies can ensure a more comfortable ageing process. sparktography

If I had a blank cheque I’d … reform Australia’s aged care system

Welcome to If I had a blank cheque … a series in which leading researchers reveal what they could (and would) do in their discipline if money were no object. Today we hear from Dr Kate Cornick, Executive…
Great headlines … shame about the reality. Australian Federal Police/AAP

Evil descends on the NBN? Erm, not quite

Another day, another hacking exploit makes headlines. This time it’s a “self-taught, lone hacker”, David Cecil, apparently known online as “Evil”, who allegedly broke into Platform Networks’ site, one…
Investment in Australia’s ports is one obvious priority to enhance growth - but let’s broaden our outlook.

With the NBN locked in, it’s time to bridge our infrastructure gaps

There has been much debate in the popular and political discourse on the state of our national infrastructure. The general consensus, despite Victoria’s Baillieu government’s failure to put forth any proposals…
Are traditional telephony services looking down the barrel of a gun? Grace

You use VoIP, try and understand it: make a noise and make it clear

If you use services such as Skype, you’ll already know about Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This is what makes your video calls with loved ones possible, and – not least with the advent of the NBN…
NBN Co chief Mike Quigley and Stephen Conroy still face many tough tasks. AAP

It’s no secret, the NBN’s been left to tender mercies

The news that NBN Co has found a way to move forward from the crucial cost-of-construction issue must have surely lifted the Gillard Government’s spirits. NBN Co, the government-owned corporation in charge…
Is the NBN a “perfect answer” to Australia’s broadband needs? Mozzer502/Flickr

Getting Alan Jones up to speed on the NBN

A little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing. Radio 2GB commentator Alan Jones demonstrated this adage last week when commentating on a recent technology breakthrough by a group of international…
The NBN could give all Australians access to online services. iStockphoto

Explainer: the National Broadband Network (NBN)

The big picture Australia’s plan for a National Broadband Network (NBN) represents one of the largest infrastructure projects in the world at present. The estimated $43 billion price tag has stirred up…

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