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Ever wondered how the small, white ibuprofen pill turns off your headache? from

Explainer: how do drugs work?

Have you ever wondered how the small white ibuprofen pill turns off your headache? Or how a regular antidepressant keeps your brain chemistry in balance?
Ok, that’s not the way to extract it. fabriceh_com

How scorpion venom could yield new cancer treatment

In the development of new drugs, taking something from nature and modifying it has been a successful tactic employed by medicinal chemists for years. Now, with the help of nanotechnology, researchers are…
It’s going to be a night to remember … or maybe not. Sterneck

Party’s over: mephedrone causes memory impairment

Mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone) is a fairly new “party” drug that has exploded in popularity over the last few years. On the street, it has a variety of names: Drone, M-Cat, Bubbles, Meow. It’s also…
It’s obvious: better referee performance is better for players and better for spectators. Right? AAP Image/Joe Castro

Sports referees should take performance-enhancing drugs

Late last week football (soccer) website reported that FIFA, the international governing body for the world game, is considering forcing referees to pass fitness tests prior to games. This…
Despite some alarming findings, recreational mephedrone use appears to be on the rise. Robert Conrad Photography

Mephedrone: what doesn’t kill you might still mess you up

Human use of cathinones for their psychoactive properties traces back to prehistory. Known as “khat” by the people of eastern Africa, the leaves and twigs of the Catha edulis shrub have been chewed for…

Ritalin improves error awareness

People who take Ritalin are far more aware of their mistakes, new research shows. Low performance error awareness has been…
It depends on the drug, how it’s been stored and whether the pack has been opened. saveas new

Explainer: do we need to follow medication use-by dates?

It’s late in the night. And after a long day at work, you have a splitting headache. You rattle around in the bottom drawer of the bathroom vanity to find a packet of paracetamol tablets you know are hiding…

Aspirin improves heart surgery outcomes

Aspirin can improve outcomes for patients undergoing heart surgery, a new study from Thomas Jefferson University and UC Davis…
They may have the same active ingredient, but fillers, colours and lubricants may vary. Flickr/Harsh Vardhan

Explainer: how do generic medicines compare with brand leaders?

“Would you like the generic brand of that medicine?” It’s a question you’ve probably been asked, or at least heard, when picking up a prescription at your local pharmacy. It’s likely you were told the…
Sure, you’re feline fine now, but what about the future? gadgetgirl

Meow hear this: mephedrone is a curious khat

The “good old days” of psychopharmacology involved only a few major suspects: alcohol, cannabis, opiates, uppers (amphetamines), downers (barbiturates) and the occasional serendipitous curiosity such as…

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