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How can we change math instruction to meet the needs of today’s kids? World Bank Photo Collection / flickr

Challenging the status quo in mathematics: Teaching for understanding

Math instruction is stuck in the last century. How can we change teaching methods to move past rote memorization and help students develop a more meaningful understanding – and be better at math?
When should you let your gifted child skip grades? Children image via

Should I grade-skip my gifted child?

About two out of seven children are likely bored in their classrooms, as they aren't learning much that is new. Should these children skip grades? What's the evidence on grade-skipping?
Getting oriented at Elon University Elon University

Making college matter

Two simple yet powerful things students can do to ensure that they have a transformative undergraduate experience, no matter where they go to college.
What do the most disadvantaged students need for college success? Commencement image via

Is a tuition-free policy enough to ensure college success?

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have called for making colleges and universities debt-free or tuition-free. Disadvantaged students need more than free college to achieve success.
Do school voucher programs help improve educational outcomes? Lower Columbia College (LCC)

Do school vouchers improve results? It depends on what we ask

A recent study on school vouchers shows that the program may be harming kids' academic achievement, at least in math. What's missing here? Are test scores the only way to judge a program?
Graduates of a 2015 Tertiary Entry Program, which paves the way into university courses, with lead author and CQUniversity’s Pro Vice-Chancellor of Indigenous Engagement, Bronwyn Fredericks (fourth from left) and Provost Hilary Winchester (far right). Peter Lawrence/CQUniNewsPICs

Laying pathways for greater success in education for Indigenous Australians

If we're serious about closing the gap in Indigenous education, our new research shows the value of building better bridges into universities and vocational education.
Does homework help with academic success?

Here’s what you need to know about homework and how to help your child

Parent involvement with kids' homework can have both positive and negative effects. So, what should parents and educators do?
Many South African schools lack basic equipment like chairs, textbooks, pens and blackboards. Research suggests they could still succeed – by taking learners’ ideas and concerns more seriously. Ryan Gray/Reuters

Great things happen when learners are taken seriously

What happens when a school doesn't have many resources but teachers and the principal really listen to learners' ideas and fears? The results, research finds, can be remarkable.
Not all kids do well at school, and it’s not their fault. Shutterstock

Why don’t all kids do well at school?

The new school year has just begun. Parents may be feeling nervous about sending their children off to school. What if they don’t like school? What if school doesn’t like them? What if they don’t do well…

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