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Exempting petrol to protect rural families isn’t very forward thinking. Sids1/Flickr

Carbon-tax-free petrol is a hollow victory for everyday Australians

Full revelations of the Gillard government’s carbon tax are expected in the coming days, but the decision to spare the Australian motorist has just been announced. Picking that this might happen was a…
If farmers aren’t exempt, times could get even tougher. Big Grey Mare/Flickr

No carbon tax on petrol, but who’ll bear the brunt?

The recent announcement that a carbon tax would not be levied on petrol for cars or light vehicles used by motorists, tradespeople and small businesses is an interesting political statement. But this statement…
An emissions trading scheme and a carbon tax are not the same thing. AAP

Explainer: The difference between a carbon tax and an ETS

Since July 2012, Australia has had in place its carbon pricing scheme. It is commonly referred to as a “carbon tax”, but also as an “Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) with a fixed price”. And the plan is…
A big new tax isn’t the problem, our levels of consumption are. JPDaigle/Flickr

Is a carbon tax the only answer? A plea for a fairer way

On Sunday 5 June 2011, 8000 people reportedly turned up to demonstrate support for the Government’s proposed carbon tax. By Sydney standards this amounts to a large public display of support for Government…
An oil extraction project in Canada – a country absent from the Productivity Commission’s carbon report. AAP

An emissions reduction policy beyond comparison?

One of the most basic questions to ask in any analysis of Australia’s carbon policy has always been: what is the rest of the world doing? Last week, the Productivity Commission (PC) published a partial…
Is comparing Australia’s coal to Norway’s hydro a case of apples and oranges? Marcus Ramberg/Flickr

Australia v Norway: does Garnaut’s comparison add up?

Professor Ross Garnaut recently compared Australia and Norway in the context of climate change policy and a carbon tax. It is both curious that he should choose this comparison and that no journalist…
Good governance makes for boring pictures, but trustworthy carbon pricing. AAP

Why Australia needs a carbon bank

The World Bank ranks Australia among the top five countries in the world in terms of its regulatory environment. Australia also ranks in the top ten countries in terms of control of corruption. International…
Debate around climate science and proposed policy responses should be open and constructive, universities have said. AAP

Threats may chill climate research in long run

Death threats against climate scientists may make researchers reluctant to engage in public debate or even turn research…
Could a bear market be on the way? Flickr

Carbon tax spooks retail investors

Half the retail investors questioned in a new survey expect the proposed carbon tax to drive down the value of their portfolio…
Fossil fuel power generation doesn’t look like a great investment. jon hanson/Flickr

Increasing electricity prices: watt’s the culprit?

New fossil-fuel power plants that nobody wants to pay for, electricity companies saying power prices will go through the roof: the economy of generating electricity is a complicated business. Last week…
For politicians, there’s no bright future in pushing up petrol prices. Alcohol Gasoline/Flickr

Driving off a cliff? The politics of petrol and carbon-pricing

Politically, increasing petrol prices is one of the least popular things a government can do. But is there any point to a carbon tax if it doesn’t cover petrol? Vladimir Putin has just found how quickly…
Turnbull made his position clear on the ABC’s Lateline.

Party line or Lateline? Turnbull’s Tory temptation

Malcolm Turnbull created a stir on Lateline last night by criticising opposition climate policy. The opposition spokesman for communications and former leader of the party implied that Tony Abbott’s “direct…

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