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Australia’s Cate Campbell transitioning from the on-block phase to the flight phase of a swimming start. EPA/Juanjo Martin

Take your marks … the science behind the perfect swimming dive

The swimming events of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games are among the first on the schedule. Australia and the UK tend to do quite well in the swimming events – as does Canada – so it’s an excellent opportunity…
Sally Pearson, pictured here after winning the 100m Hurdles at the London Olympics, is tipped to take gold at the Commonwealth Games. EPA/Christian Charisius

Fewer medals, but Glasgow 2014 will still be a gold rush for Australia

Some 71 nations will participate in the 2014 Commonwealth Games, starting on Wednesday in Glasgow – so what are Australia’s chances? Many countries – including Australia – are sending their largest ever…
Commonwealth Games mascot Clyde and Scottish swimming champion Gregor Tait get their symbols out in Sydney last year. Daniel Munoz/AAP Image

Thistles and tartan: the fun and Games of Scottish identity

Since September 2012, the mascot of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Clyde the thistle, has been popping in and out of the media radar; greeting children, featuring on merchandise, cheerfully promoting…

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