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Read between the lines, and you’re reading the truth. Sean Dempsey/PA

Protect journalists’ sources or give up on British democracy

This week, the World Association of Newspapers begins investigating the condition of press freedom in Britain, while national newspapers report that a chief constable wants Channel 4 to hand over material…
Good circulation: newspapers are in better health than expected. Rui Vieira/PA

We should be optimistic about the future of British news

At first glance, the British news industry looks to be in trouble. With editors in the dock, a fraught new system of regulation, and declining newspaper circulation, it’s easy to panic about the trajectory…
Silvio Berlusconi’s grip on power in Italy - albeit a hold that is slipping - has relied heavily on using his own media empire to exploit the political system. EPA/Angela Carconi

Media, power and decadence: some disquieting trends

While Australians face the possibility of the first-ever Senate by-election, as well as stormy sittings of a new parliament wrangling over the pro and cons of scrapping a carbon tax, 16,000 kilometres…
Is this the moment of truth for the British press? Rui Vieira/PA Wire

Time for government to stand firm on press regulation

On Monday evening, the BBC’s Newsnight programme revealed that a sub-committee of the privy council had rejected the Royal Charter on press self-regulation put forward by the Press Standards Board of Finance…
Ordeal: David Miranda, left, and his partner, Guardian investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald. AAP

Bully boy tactics make Guardian a player in its own nightmare scenario

The ordeal of David Miranda at Heathrow Airport on Sunday is a critical moment in the conflict between press freedom and national security. Miranda, the partner of The Guardian’s investigative reporter…

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