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Julia Gillard’s announcement of a federal small business commissioner indicates a welcome interest in the sector, but its role is still undefined. AAP

Small business finally has a national profile, but will it have the power?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s decision to appoint a Federal Small Business Commissioner is a welcome move that signals an increasing interest in small business. But what exactly should a new commissioner…
A few tips for the new minister for Small Business, Brendan O'Connor. AAP

An open letter to Brendan O'Connor - how to ‘get’ small business

This is an open letter of welcome to Brendan O’Connor, the newly appointed Federal Minister for Small Business. Dear Minister O'Connor, We congratulate you on the new appointment and welcome you to the…
Small business owners: a forgotten constituency for the Coalition and the ALP. oknovokght

Minister for Small Business? More like the Minister for Nothing

In December 2011, Prime Minister Julia Gillard reshuffled her ministry. Naturally, senior Cabinet posts and significant demotions attracted attention. Unnoticed was that small business received a new minister…

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