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Shifting bank risk to taxpayers is deeply unpopular, and there is an alternative. Lisa Norwood/Flickr

Explainer: too big to fail and the push for ‘bail ins’

In the last decade or so, the global financial landscape has endured two major shocks - the first with the 2007 collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market in the United States, and the second emanating…
Too big to fail, or too big to jail? Mike Chaput/Flickr

A message for G20 leaders considering banks too big to fail

The global financial crisis had many causes. But it was generally acknowledged at the time and since, that failures of ethics, integrity and trust were an important part of the problem. US Republican Senator…
The performance of ASIC in regulating financial fraud remains under question, despite Chairman Greg Medcraft’s recanted statement that Australia is a “paradise” for white-collar criminals. Britta Campion/AAP

Do the crime, do the time? Not if you’re a banker in Australia

Recently, the head of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, Greg Medcraft, called Australia a “paradise” for white-collar criminals. Soon after he recanted, claiming he didn’t want the…
When banks run out of capital, the result can be devastating. Katia Christodoulou/EPA/AAP

Should bank capital levels distress Australian regulators?

Following its stepped up year-long review of European banks, the European Central Bank this weekend failed 25 of the 130 banks it tested on the strength of their capital buffers to protect against a downturn…
Why is the City keeping its suffering under wraps? Robin Hawkes

Banks pay a heavy price for the crisis, but fail to count the cost

The major international banks are being lumbered with more and higher fines as the fallout from the financial crisis continues. Our research as part of the Conduct Costs Project at the CCP Research Foundation…
Greater asset diversification would help Australian banks lock in a buffer for future downturns. Joel Carrett/Flickr

Australian banks are too exposed to mortgages, but what if the world was flat?

One of the issues currently being considered by Australia’s Financial System Inquiry is the heavy exposure of Australian banks to the residential mortgage market. The exposure to domestic mortgages, which…
News Corp Chairman Rupert Murdoch joined Alexander Shokhin, President of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, and Business Council of Australia President Catherine Livingstone at the B20 summit this week. Jason Reed/AAP/Reuters

The B20 summit: where cashed-up lobbyists meet to write trade rules?

The Business 20 (B20) summit typically attracts the global corporate glitterati, as the usual suspects assemble in alpine retreats like Davos; cinema-infused beach towns like Cannes; or sunny Mexican resorts…
On the retreat. Hedge fund manager Steve Cohen. Justin Lane/EPA

SAC Capital and the curious economics of insider trading

A US judge has approved a US$1.2 billion settlement and accepted a guilty plea by hedge fund SAC Capital in what has been described as the largest insider trading settlement in the country’s history. Eight…

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