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Public interest and peer pressure among countries are integral to enforcement of the Paris Agreement. Mal Langsdon/Reuters

The day after Paris: politicians hand the baton to green industries

The Paris Agreement recognizes the reality of global environmental pacts: the private sector must lead transition to low-carbon technology and civil society must keep up the pressure to act.
Charting new waters. EPA/Alexey Druginyn/RIA Novosti/KREM

BRICS keep supporting Russia in bid to rebalance world power

While Western nations beef up economic sanctions and Nato discusses what stance to take toward Russia, the BRICS are maintaining tacit support for Moscow despite the Ukraine crisis. This is not entirely…
North Melbourne players Lindsay Thomas and Daniel Wells have been selected to represent the Australian Indigenous team in Ireland. AAP/Joe Castro

All-Indigenous teams should be seen on the world stage

The AFL’s Indigenous All-Stars’ current tour of Ireland is the third overseas sporting tour by an all-Indigenous Australian team. The first took place 145 years ago with the 1868 Aboriginal cricket tour…

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