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Why woman-bashing is a serious health threat

Millions of women felt insulted by Donald Trump's language toward women. Others overlooked it, seeing the female candidate as flawed. Here's why this might suggest a growing health crisis for women.
Students make their feelings known during a fees protest at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Nic Bothma/EPA

How violence and racism are related, and why it all matters

States do not record the structural violence of racism as part of crime statistics. But this invisible violence has driven some people to self-harm. It has also masked forms of suicide.
Policy changes and face-to-face conversations are part of the plan. Lucy Nicholson/Reuters

LGBT equality doesn’t exist – but here’s how to fight for it

The massacre at an Orlando gay club is a savage reminder that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people still face harsh prejudice in America and lack full equal protections under the law.
Indiana’s religious law has raised concerns about the safety of gay students on campus. Ken Wolter /

Will religious freedom laws disrupt higher education for LGBTQ students?

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act may have been “clarified” but there are concerns it could have a chilling effect on campus attitudes toward LGBTQ students and faculty across the state.

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