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Given Brazil’s chaotic sociopolitical situation, the legacy the 2016 Olympic Games will leave remains unclear. Reuters/Sergio Moraes

Rio Olympics has its commandments – but what legacy will it leave?

Mega sports event promoters use the term 'legacy' extensively to justify the amount of – mostly public – money involved in the bid and execution of such events.
Australia’s shared past with Brazil enriches understanding of the two former European colonies. EPA/Antonio Lacerda

I Go to Rio: Australia’s forgotten history with Brazil

The First Fleet had three layovers on its voyage to Australia – one was Rio de Janeiro. As Australia and Brazil celebrate 70 years of diplomatic relations, it's worth remembering this encounter.
Can the carnival spirit, combined with sport, help deal with Brazil’s social issues? keka

From the favelas: rising up through arts and sport in Brazil

With final preparations now underway for next week’s annual Rio de Janeiro carnival, and as the hype builds for this year’s FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, it’s almost inevitable images…

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