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Regenerative agricultural strategies can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from food production, restore local ecosystems and enhance community well-being. (Shutterstock)

How nature-based knowledge can restore local ecosystems and improve community well-being

In the face of growing social and environmental challenges, organizations in the food and agriculture sector are increasingly turning to nature for inspiration.
Thick plumes of heavy smoke fill the Halifax sky as an out-of-control fire in a suburban community quickly spreads, engulfing multiple homes and forcing the evacuation of local residents on May 28, 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Kelly Clark

Wildfire preparedness and response must include planning for unhoused people and other vulnerable populations

There is an alarming lack of disaster preparedness plans in Canada that consider the unique risks and needs of unhoused people during wildfires.
What can the Crown Jewels tell us about the history and future of the British Royals? In this photo from last May, then-Prince Charles sits with Camilla and William by the Imperial State Crown in the House of Lords Chamber in London. Ben Stansall/AP

What the Crown Jewels tell us about exploitation and the quest for reparations — Podcast

Although King Charles will have a low-key ceremony this coronation, the Crown Jewels will still figure prominently. An exploration of the jewels tells a tale of exploitation, rape and pillage.
Pour tirer parti des avantages des nouvelles technologies agricoles, on doit développer des systèmes alimentaires dans lesquels les déchets d’une étape deviennent des intrants dans la suivante. (Shutterstock)

Voici 5 technologies qui pourraient contribuer à rendre le système alimentaire carboneutre

Comment peut-on nourrir de manière nutritive une population croissante, faire face au changement climatique et ne pas détruire les écosystèmes dont nous dépendons tous pour vivre ?
L'hiver ne doit pas être un prétexte à demeurer enfermé. Faire des activités physiques extérieures, comme la marche, a de nombreux bienfaits pour la santé. La Presse canadienne/Justin Tang

Allez jouer dehors ! Neuf conseils pour garder la forme durant l’hiver

Pratiquer une activité physique à l’extérieur a de nombreux bienfaits pour la santé. Voici neuf conseils pour devenir – et demeurer – des adeptes de plein air hivernal.
Thick snow covers tree branches as people walk along a street in Ottawa after a snowstorm. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

Taking fitness outside: 9 tips for becoming more active through the Canadian winter

Taking your physical activity outside comes with added benefits. Here are ways to pursue your fitness goals outdoors, even in the middle of a Canadian winter.
Self-compassion can not only enhance physical and psychological health, but may also influence physical activity in the postpartum period. (Shutterstock)

Heart rate variability and self-compassion: Two tools to help postpartum mothers make exercise decisions

Physical activity and new motherhood can be hard to navigate, but physiological feedback and self-compassion can help inform decisions about when and how to exercise.
Uber deliberately positioned itself as a tech company to avoid the regulations of the taxi industry. (Shutterstock)

The manipulation of Uber’s public image profoundly impacted the lives of taxi drivers

The Uber Files leak reveals that the company embarked on a deliberate public relations strategy that involved the media, public officials and academics.
The key to unlocking the benefits of new agricultural technologies is to develop food systems where the waste products from one step become valuable inputs in another. (Shutterstock)

5 technologies that will help make the food system carbon neutral

The world is facing one of the century’s biggest challenges: How to nutritiously feed the growing population, address climate change and not destroy the ecosystems on which we all depend for life.
Many women feel there is inadequate support for exercise after the birth of a child, stating a need for more information from health-care professionals about guidelines for returning to physical activity. (Shutterstock)

Returning to exercise postpartum: Supporting women’s physical activity after the birth of a child

When asked about postpartum exercise, women were curious about strategies and recommendations for physical activity after the birth of a child, including finding the time, energy and motivation.
Dairy cows in the Fraser Valley, B.C. (Evan Bowness)

Milk without the cow: Cellular agriculture could be the future of farming, but dairy farmers need help

Technological changes on the horizon will likely disrupt the dairy industry as we know it — plans to mitigate the risks this transition poses to farmer livelihoods and animal welfare should start now.
The future of protein includes lab-grown meat and plant-based meat alternatives. (Shutterstock)

Lab-grown meats and cow-free dairy can meet the demand for protein and help address climate change

Technological advancements in food production have created new ways to meet the growing demand for protein. Canada’s investment in this industry may create jobs and reduce carbon emissions.
A man fishes the head of a statue of Queen Victoria from the Assiniboine River in Winnipeg. Her statue and a statue of Queen Elizabeth were toppled and vandalized on Canada Day. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Kelly Geraldine Malone

‘History wars’ in the U.S. and Canada provoked by a racial reckoning with the past

Movements that challenge former national icons demonstrate the importance of history-making in an age of racial reconciliation. But ‘history wars’ won’t get us anywhere.
Avec la fin de la pandémie, les prix des denrées alimentaires sont appelés à augmenter. Mais l'utilisation de la technologie de manière intelligente et humaine peut freiner l'inflation des prix. (Pixabay)

Le prix de la nourriture augmente, mais on peut inverser la tendance

Comment faire baisser les prix des denrées alimentaires ? Utiliser la technologie pour changer la façon dont nous produisons les aliments pour nous assurer du respect de l’environnement.
Food prices are poised to become higher post-pandemic. But using technology smartly and humanely can put the brakes to food price inflation. (Pixabay)

Food is poised to get a lot more expensive, but it doesn’t have to

How to keep food prices down? Use technology to change the way we produce food and public policy to ensure there’s a fair price put on things like climate change, human labour and animal welfare.
Why have Uber drivers been regarded more favourably than taxi drivers? Lexi Anderson/Unsplash

How Uber drivers avoided — and contributed to — the fate of taxi drivers

Taxi drivers and Uber drivers perform the same work, but Uber’s categorization as a tech company has contributed to the historical stigma against taxi drivers.
Dans un avenir rapproché, des tracteurs robotisés reliés à une base de données pourront sillonner les champs en semant à chaque endroit une quantité exacte de semence et de fertilisant, permettant de ce fait d’abaisser le niveau de consommation énergétique, de pollution et de gaspillage. Shutterstock

Voici trois innovations en agriculture qui vont révolutionner notre alimentation tout en aidant la planète

La production alimentaire locale tout au long de l’année est à notre portée et réduira l’impact de l’agriculture sur le climat – mais seulement si nous adoptons la technologie agricole.


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