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Chronic pain occurs when nerve cells misfire and send faulty pain signals to the brain. pinkangelbabe

What causes chronic pain? Microglia might be to blame

Imagine that a soft touch or brush of the skin was enough to evoke excruciating pain. This experience is common among people who suffer with chronic pain from nerve damage. The causes are varied and include…

Infections cause one in six cancers

One in six cancers are caused by largely treatable or preventable infections, according to new research. The research looked…
Religious groups claim “ex-gay” therapies have scientific merit. flickr/michael keith photography

Praying the gay away: when religion hijacks science

It’s been decades since electroshock therapy or other psychiatric interventions were routinely employed to “treat” homosexuality. These days, reparative therapy is more popular. It involves a combination…
Journals can make it easier for reporters to do a good job by providing balanced information and accurate media releases designed to inform. NS Newsflash/Flickr

‘Bad’ medical reporting – a history of shooting the messenger?

Journalists are having an increasingly hard time producing high-quality health stories. Medical journal articles feature in many health stories but new research shows their press releases may contribute…

Defective gene linked to osteoporosis

Women with a particular faulty receptor lose 10 times more bone mass than women without it. The receptor for the energy molecule…

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