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Skin colour doesn’t just affect your tanning ability. PA

East Asian genes may solve the skin cancer puzzle

Europeans fall prey to skin cancer because of their lighter skin, while Africans' dark skin protects them. But East Asians, whose skin colour resembles that of Europeans, are similar to Africans in their…
Sunscreen shouldn’t be your only defence against the sun – clothing, hats, sunglasses and shade are equally important. Flickr/stray kat

Sunscreen, skin cancer and the Australian summer

With the long, hot Australian summer comes the imperative to manage the country’s enormous skin cancer risk. Along with the growing raw numbers (11,545 skin cancer cases diagnosed in 2009) and rates of…
The best way to guard against skin cancer remains covering up - and using sun screen. Flickr/neloqua

Can Vitamin A reduce the risk of skin cancer in women?

A study that suggests vitamin A could reduce the risk of melanoma should be treated with caution, according to Australian cancer experts who say the results are inconclusive and involve potentially toxic…

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Itches and pain distinguish skin cancers

The prevalence of itches and pain in patients with skin cancer can help clinicians identify which of these cancers are melanoma…

Melanoma treatment may double lifespan

A new treatment may prolong the lifespan of melanoma patients. Vemurafenib, the first acute melanoma drug in more than a…