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The new government campaign misses the mark. Australian government

No advantage for Gillard in misguided asylum seeker campaign

With 5,459 attempted boat arrivals to Australia in the first half of 2012, an increase of 894 since last year, it is no wonder the prime minister is desperate to demonstrate she is combating people smuggling…
The Menzies government was voted in with the help of the John Henry Austral ads. National Library of Australia

Liberal Party ads from the 1940s speak today’s political language

After languishing in an archive box at Melbourne University for more than 20 years, an astonishing piece of Australian political history has recently been dusted off and digitised. The university has unearthed…
Kevin Rudd used to manage his brand well, but was toppled after an advertising campaign against him. AAP/YouTube

Democracy is dead, long live political marketing

MEDIA & DEMOCRACY: Today, Andrew Hughes looks at how voters have become consumers of political marketing, as part of The Conversation’s week-long series on how the media influences the way our representatives…
Can political debates be won with a chequebook instead of politicians' backing? AAP

Hearts and minds: how industry ad campaigns work

The mining industry, led by the Minerals Council of Australia, has written to members asking for funds to under take a new advertising campaign to attack the carbon tax. In his letter to members, Minerals…

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