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Thinking you know every trick in the book doesn’t mean you really do. Don Hawkins

SCAMwatch – a helping hand against online scammers

Crimes of confidence, known as scams, are on the rise. You probably know the basics. The way the most common type of scam works involves you being presented with an offer, product or service for which…
Information gleaned from data mining is a prized delicacy in certain circles. Philippe Put

Why is Telstra Next G serving your data to Netsweeper in America?

Telstra representatives have this week admitted to collecting data for a new internet filtering product and sending this data to the USA office of Netsweeper Inc. Netsweeper Inc, based near Toronto, Canada…
Could hacking Mark Zuckerberg’s social media giant lead to a fruitful career? Hegemony77 doll clothes

Facebook welcomes hackers, if they wear a white hat

As reported late last week, Facebook is encouraging hackers to try hacking its security systems to find weaknesses. Those who succeed will receive a reward of US$500 or more and have their name added to…
Hackers with a commercial eye seem intent on destroying Apple’s reputation as a “malware-free” PC alternative. Mike Poresky

Think your Mac’s beyond malware attack? Alas, those days are gone

For a long time Mac users would look at all the malware (malicious software) that infects Windows PCs and think how fortunate they were that such attacks did not happen to MAcs. But now, it would seem…
Open and poorly secured Wi-Fi networks are vulnerable to exploitation by others. doommeer

Wardriving and surviving: who else is using your Wi-Fi?

Late last month the Queensland Police started a new project to highlight the urgent need for secure wireless internet connections. The “wardriving” project involves police driving the streets of Queensland…
Your movements online are of great value and interest to many people – you just don’t know what they plan to do with it. Norma Desmond

Living in Orwell’s world: how to disappear completely online

Your friend Kate answers the phone. You remind her you’re meeting at 10am tomorrow for breakfast. You tell her your fractured wrist is healing but the doctor said there’s still some way to go. Your mum’s…
What’s coming up? Where will we find it? What does it mean? h.koppdelaney

Top ten tech predictions for 2012 … and how to interpret them

Around this time of year you see plenty of articles (such as this one) reflecting on notable technologies and events of the year now gone. Such pieces will also attempt to predict the events of the year…
A screenshot showing the Sun’s website after it had been attacked by LulzSec, a clandestine group of hackers and cyber activists. LulzSec

LulzSec hacks the hackers at News International

An attack by computer hacker group LulzSec has shut down over 1000 websites owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News International…
There’s every chance your computer has been compromised. TTC Press Images

Zombie computers, cyber security, phishing … what you need to know

Today, Australia’s Labor Government announced it had started working on a national cyber security strategy, to be released as a white paper in the first half of next year. This comes amid growing concern…
Is it time to get tougher on hackers, whatever their motivations? Philippe Huguen/AFP

Hacking, cracking and the wild, wild web

PRIVACY – Who are hackers and what do they want from you? Pop culture would have us believe they live in dank basements, wear black leather from head to toe and have pseudonyms such as Warlock or Neo…

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