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Now for lot 56: a rare collection of Graham’s angry emails to his ex-girlfriend. portableantiquities

Dutch student sells his data for €350 but at what price privacy?

A dutch student has taken the bold decision to sell all his data at auction. It’s a decision that should make us think about the future of our own information. In an auction on April 12, Shawn Buckles…
The European Court of Justice has given data retention the thumbs down … but it’s still on the table Down Under. B Rosen/Flickr

Europe says no to data retention, so why is it an option in Australia?

There has been plenty of technology-related legal activity in the European Union this month. Last week the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) ruled that data retention regulations, as they currently stand…
Pinpoint that sex offender or maybe your own past problems. heiwa4126

Even the innocent should worry about sex offender apps

The average citizen may not feel that they have anything to fear from the rise of apps that promise to identify sex offenders in their area but they are part of a worrying trend that should act as a warning…

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