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From hire to liar: honesty is not always the best policy in workplace negotiations. Image from

Sweet little lies: how men and women use deception in negotiations

Negotiations, by their nature, tempt individuals into an ethical slide. Even the most principled negotiator would consider it acceptable to withhold some information from an opponent, just as a self-protective…
No dearth of talent here… but Australia could learn from the Olympics how to attract the best global skilled workers.

Searching for an olive branch in the global war for talent

Last year, thousands of athletes from hundreds of countries competed in the London Olympics. The International Olympic Committee had no difficulty attracting the world’s leading sporting talent because…
There are vast opportunities for firms to improve productivity at the enterprise level. Image from

How individual firms can solve the ‘productivity paradox’

Commentators are urging government and others to do whatever they can to improve productivity in Australia because it is a key driver of prosperity, living standards and national wealth. While recent reports…
Aesthetics are becoming increasingly important in the modern workplace. flickr_thinkpanama

Beauty and the business: why looks increasingly matter at work

Looks matter, both in our social and working lives. We want to look good and our employers expect us to look good, or at least want us to look a particular way. This requirement is a double-edge sword…
In today’s world, businesses have to find new ways to tackle wicked problems. luxamart

Wicked problems and business strategy: is design thinking an answer?

Obesity. Climate change. Brain drain. Tax havens. War in Afghanistan. All have been described as “wicked problems”. UC Berkeley scholars, Rittel and Webber, coined the term in 1973 when they were reacting…
Toyota’s decision to escort redundant workers off-site using security guard caused “undeserved harm” and may also have undermined morale and potentially affected productivity. AAP

Is the Toyota way the only way?

UPDATE: Workers for transport company 1st Fleet were handed redundancy notices when they arrived for work this morning, after the company ceased trading. Are we seeing something of this same attitude recently…
The way tourism companies in the Blue Mountains engage in corporate social responsibility changes depending on whether they are owner-managed or not. Flickr/nosha

Corporate social responsibility: how active is the Australian tourism industry?

“Corporate social responsibility” (CSR) isn’t just a term used by blue chip corporations to give them a more caring image. It’s a principle being adopted by thousands of small and medium-sized tourism…
Thinking outside the box will help managers get the best out of their employees. swambo

Embracing the unknown is the key to tapping workplace talent

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Therefore, managers need a formal, cascading set of KPIs (key performance indicators), KPTs (key performance targets), and annual performance reviews to keep…
People all around the world feel powerless. This has left our institutions ineffective. diegodiazphotography

Do we have the power to overcome our ‘learned helplessness’?

To what extent are we encouraged to think of ourselves as free and self-determining individuals, whilst in reality being restricted both overtly and insidiously by our institutional frameworks? If this…

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