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The behavioral immune system learned a new proxy for disease risk during the COVID pandemic. gilaxi/E+ via Getty Images

Republicans wary of Republicans – how politics became a clue about infection risk during the pandemic

Reactions like disgust are part of the behavioral immune system that helps you avoid disease. Usually conservatives are more fearful of contamination – but something unusual happened during COVID-19.
The prevalence of long COVID — a multi-system chronic illness occurring weeks to months after a COVID-19 infection — has led to what some have called ‘the hidden pandemic.’ (Shutterstock)

Making visible the invisible: Supporting long COVID patients and the people caring for them

Although millions are navigating long COVID, four years into the pandemic both patients and their caregivers continue to face challenges accessing the information and care they need.
Snow geese are seen during their migratory movements at the Reservoir Beaudet, in Victoriaville, Que. in 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Bernard Brault

Climate change is helping the H5N1 bird flu virus spread and evolve

H5N1 is the latest evidence that climate change is altering how viruses spread and evolve. It is essential that global public health officials take these dynamics into account.
Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, director general of the World Health Organization, delivers his statement during the opening of the World Health Assembly, which took place in Geneva from May 27 to June 1. (Salvatore Di Nolfi/Keystone via AP)

Historic amendments to the WHO’s International Health Regulations create a path towards an equitable pandemic treaty

The WHO’s International Health Regulations are the world’s only existing international legal agreement focused exclusively on preventing and addressing infectious disease outbreaks across borders.
Ivory was trafficked using hearses during the pandemic. Jeff Hutchens/ Getty Images

Wildlife traffickers carried on their illegal trade during COVID lockdown – what legal traders can learn from their resilience

The COVID-19 pandemic did not deter wildlife traffickers from going about their illegal business. Their methods may offer lessons about resilience in crisis scenarios such as climate emergencies.
Despite the challenges of performing research during COVID-19, researchers reported connecting on a more vulnerable level with their community partners, as they all attempted to get through the pandemic. (Shutterstock)

Preparing for the next health crisis: COVID-19 showed the importance of community-engaged research

Community-engaged research was disrupted by COVID-19 restrictions, meaning researchers faced serious challenges when their results were most needed: during a public health crisis.

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