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The prevalence of long COVID — a multi-system chronic illness occurring weeks to months after a COVID-19 infection — has led to what some have called ‘the hidden pandemic.’ (Shutterstock)

Making visible the invisible: Supporting long COVID patients and the people caring for them

Although millions are navigating long COVID, four years into the pandemic both patients and their caregivers continue to face challenges accessing the information and care they need.
Rapid tests are inexpensive, easy to use and give fast results, usually within 10 to 15 minutes. Violeta Stoimenova/E+ via Getty Images

COVID-19 rapid tests still work against new variants – researchers keep ‘testing the tests,’ and they pass

Research shows that rapid antigen tests are performing as well at detecting the most recent dominant variants as they did with the earliest strains in the COVID-19 pandemic.
The CDC expects the updated shots to be effective at preventing severe COVID-19, even in the face of new variants. Teka77/iStock via Getty Images Plus

CDC greenlights two updated COVID-19 vaccines, but how will they fare against the latest variants? 5 questions answered

Only time and data will tell whether the CDC-recommended reformulated shots can stand their ground against the ever-changing SARS-CoV-2 variants.

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