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Articles on Climate law

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Oyster gatherers on a Wild Coast beach at low tide. The sea is integral to these communities’ lives and culture. PaulGregg

South African communities vs Shell: high court victories show that cultural beliefs and practices count in climate cases

Indigenous people’s concerns and considerations could provide a strong basis for climate litigation in South Africa.
French activist Thomas Brail occupies a tree on the Boulevard Saint-Germain in protest at a major road development in September 2023. Emily Barritt

Three reasons to support environmental defenders

Protestors’ actions are intentionally borderline but environmental defenders insist their actions are nothing compared to the risks that political inaction pose. Our expert explains.
Climate marches and protests, like this one in Santa Monica, Calif., often aim for local impact. Mark Ralston/AFP via Getty Images

From throwing soup to suing governments, there’s strategy to climate activism’s seeming chaos − here’s where it’s headed next

With international climate talks failing to make progress fast enough, activists are radically rethinking how to be most effective in the streets, political arenas and courtrooms.

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