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Former Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown has passed away aged 90. Hearst Corporation

Death of an editor: vale Helen Gurley Brown

The opening round of respectful tributes have been flowing through the media after the death of Helen Gurley Brown. The original Sex and the City girl died in New York on Monday, aged 90. Long-reigning…
Women now compete in every sport at the Summer Olympics, and every country is sending a female athlete. EPA/Diego Azubel

A long jump forward: women at the London Olympics

This trend will continue into the 2014 Winter Olympics with women permitted for the first time to compete in ski jumping. Since their inclusion in the modern Olympics in Paris in 1900, female participation…
The history of the vibrator is improbable, with some fascinating milestones. Giampaolo Squarcina

Vibrators and hysteria: how a cure became a female sexual icon

Vibrators have been causing a buzz for as long as they’ve existed: sometimes this happens behind closed doors, and sometimes in the public sphere. But as the new film Hysteria shows, there’s still fascination…
Trials of a working mother: Kirstie Marshall was at the centre of controversy after she breastfed her 11-day-old baby in state parliament in 2003. AAP

For women to have it all, we have to change the way we work

Who said we could have it all, anyway? This notion is a media myth that somehow translated the idea that women should not be excluded from any sphere on the basis of sex into the sexy but fallacious view…
Two-thirds more men than women have been paid for sex in Australia, and all sex workers have rights. Jason Pier in DC

Make room for sex workers in the sisterhood … and don’t forget men

When one reads an opinion piece littered with references to “liberal elites”, it is usually a safe bet that one is reading an inherently conservative point of view dressed up to look progressive. So it…
The Lingerie Football League is coming to Australia … and it needs you to be outraged to pay the bills. AAP Image/Wayne Heming

Lingerie Football: ignore it and it will go away

I’m a fan of the retention of pubic hair. I don’t much like the idea of breast implants. Thoughts of vaginoplasty coax me into an involuntary Kegel exercise. I’ve no idea why any woman would bleach her…
The health and finance sectors have the largest gender wage gaps, of more than 30%. Jerry Bunkers

Time is running out to close the gender wage gap

Equal pay was, and still is, one of the key demands of feminists. Basic to any idea of gender equity should be that paid work is fairly rewarded, whether it’s undertaken by a male or female. In early Australian…
Is there a genuine rise in the appeal for sadomasochist behaviour among women in 2012? flickr/Jeremy Brook

Spank me silly: sadomasochism and the modern woman

The poster for Secretary is up on my wall at work. I actually paid to see A Dangerous Method purely for Jung’s novel approach to therapy (and God do I hate period films.) While I probably won’t read all…
Our debates about porn are stuck in the past. x-ray delta one

We need to talk … about porn in Australia

It seems Australians aren’t ready for a real debate on porn and sex. Yet. The Australian reported last month that Telstra was offering “soft-core pornography” with titles like “Dirty Housewife and Hot…
What’s gender got to do with it? We asked Cheryl Kernot. AAP/Julian Smith/Lukas Coch

Cheryl Kernot on politics, the media and female leadership

As one of the few women to have run a political party in this country Cheryl Kernot is well aware of the role gender plays in the Australian political landscape. In the wake of Bob Brown’s claim this week…
Women will be the key to dealing with the growth in population. Flickr/PhotograTree

Seven billion reasons to be a feminist

SEVEN BILLION PEOPLE: I had better write fast. Sometime between my deadline to submit this story and the time it goes live, the estimated world population will exceed 7 billion for the first time ever…
Chinese women have always worked, but now they’re making waves in business. Flickr/IISG

The ‘Tiger Girls’ doing business in China

There’s a new generation of women quietly getting things done in China. They are insiders: well connected in the Communist Party, and flourishing in the business world. In Chinese, capable and shrewd women…
Women rushed to change their lives in the 60s and 70s, but their progress has stalled now. Flickr/Maciek Zygmunt

Why the rush for gender equality has stalled

No one is too surprised today if a young woman becomes a doctor, lawyer, or executive. But eyebrows are raised just about as much today as in decades past if a couple features a tall woman and short man…
Stars like Jiz Lee and Dallas Fivestar are redefining porn for feminists.

Porn and feminism: not strange bedfellows after all

I was recently approached by a young journalist, who asked for my comments on the Feminist Porn Awards. In the course of the interview, she asked if I thought feminists should watch porn. I replied that…
Canadian women defend their right to safety, no matter what they wear. flickr/Anton Bielousov

Sex, lies and slutwalking

Skimpy, scanty and suggestive attire have been one of the higher profile issues dividing feminists in recent years. In one camp, feminists of the second-wave, radical ilk have loudly decried the “sexualised…

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