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Articles on Invasive species

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Honeybees are important pollinators, but not the only ones. BugMan50

Honeybee decline warrants concern, but not panic

In many countries there has been concern about a decline in honeybees. You may have even heard that honeybees face dangers so dire that their imminent decline threatens world food production, with potential…
Dingos are introduced, but have they gone native? AAP

Ask the locals: a new way to tell if dingoes are native

Native status is a big deal. It affects where conservation dollars are spent, and our inherent reaction to a species. Most people believe that native equals good and alien equals bad, but in some cases…
Just because an idea seems ridiculous, doesn’t mean it’s not worth discussing. moirabot/Flickr

Elephants on grass: only lively debate can save Australia’s environment

Last week I published an opinion piece in Nature attempting to crystallise debate on a number of issues in Australian environmental management: bushfires, weeds, feral animals, management of Aboriginal…
toad. Flickr/rob's lensonlife

Could tadpole weaponry be used against cane toads?

A chemical produced naturally by cane toad tadpoles may one day be used to help control the invasive species, according to new research published today. Cane toads are native to South America but have…

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