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A giant shark hologram snaps Marty to advertise the latest Jaws 19 movie.

It’s not the Back to the Future we imagined

Do you remember the movie Back to the Future II and its vision of technology in 2015? Marty and Doc arrived in a world with giant shark holograms for movie adverts, flying cars, hoverboards and massive…
The Automated Planet Finder is hunting planets all by itself. Laurie Hatch

Telescope apps help amateurs hunt for exoplanets

People around the world are being invited to learn how to hunt for planets, using two new online apps devised by scientists at the University of Texas at Austin and UC Santa Cruz. The apps use data from…
Does walking and texting need a new app or do we need to do one thing at a time? Flickr/sidkid

Do we need transparent texting to avoid a mobile accident?

With mobile phones, it’s understandable we walk directly into inanimate objects. But now Apple has declared the problem solved, having secured the patent for Transparent Texting, a function that enables…
Pinpoint that sex offender or maybe your own past problems. heiwa4126

Even the innocent should worry about sex offender apps

The average citizen may not feel that they have anything to fear from the rise of apps that promise to identify sex offenders in their area but they are part of a worrying trend that should act as a warning…
Here’s an eye opener: you can now read a novel on your lunch break. But how much will you really take in? ganessas/Flickr

Spritz and other speed reading apps: prose and cons

Most adults read about 200-250 words per minute (wpm), but Spritz, a new reading application that is attracting considerable social media attention, claims that most people can easily double or triple…
Once you get a taste, it’s hard to stop playing Candy Crush … but why? emi iemei/Flickr

Totally addicted to apps: difficulty makes Candy Crush so sweet

It’s been said that in a city, you’re never more than two metres away from a rat. But it seems more likely that you’re never more than two metres from someone playing the puzzle game Candy Crush Saga…
Hi I’m Mark and I’m new here, but I want to shake things up. Ludovic Toinel

Mobile operators needn’t fear big spender Zuckerberg

With Facebook eyeing mobile internet, it is no accident that Mark Zuckerberg is making a much-publicised appearance at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. In attendance are executives from…
Mark Zuckerberg certainly thinks so. Patrick Denker

WhatsApp has everything Facebook needs to survive

Facebook has made a play for the mobile market by buying WhatsApp in what should be seen as a significant sign of the times. Desktop computing is the past and mobile access is the future. Facebook knows…
How much‽ Children can quickly run up huge bills on online games without their parents’ knowledge. Shutterstock

The app trap: how children spend thousands online

For many parents who caved into the pressure and splashed out on a new tablet computer for their children this Christmas, the not inconsiderable initial purchase bill may almost be a distant memory. Yet…
The bird that just won’t die. But can you live without it?

Flappy Bird obsession is not necessarily an addiction

Flappy Bird, a deceptively simple gaming app, has been withdrawn by its creator Dong Nguyen because it is too “addictive”. His decision appears to have sparked a frenzy among fans who are reportedly so…
Major app developers make enormous sums from basic and derivative games, so why can’t independent game makers? Flappy Bird

Games world in flap about originality

This week the game app Flappy Bird was removed from the Apple App Store. And while the gaming press can usually be relied on to come to the defence of independent developers facing pressure from major…
Just hold still while I check your back story. NameTag

The app that checks whether your date is a sex offender

An app on offer in the US says it can determine whether the person you are dating has anything to hide, using facial recognition to see if they are on the sex offenders register. This should make us question…

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