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The Beast Acheron, 1475. Simon Marmion (Flemish, active 1450–1489) Getty Museum

The Christmas when all the sodomites died

There is an obscure medieval legend that says once upon a time in Bethlehem, a child was born whose holiness was so great it required the slaughter of all the ‘sodomites’ in the world.
Ethan Hawke plays a minister in ‘First Reformed,’ (2017) a film that prompts viewers to rethink what they assume they already know, from politics to religion to the climate crisis. (A24)

Skip ‘Die Hard’ this Christmas and watch these 5 films to better understand the climate crisis

‘Somebody has to do something’: Top feature film and documentary picks from scholars examining climate change and cinema offer courage to hold contradictory truths and pursue climate solutions.

How to make gravy (using chemistry)

Roasting meat sets off a cascade of chemical reactions. With a bit of kitchen chemistry know-how, you can use these reactions to your advantage when you make gravy.

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