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Of course young children notice parents crying but they also notice when they’re unusually preoccupied or irritable. NinaViktoria/Shutterstock

Babies and toddlers might not know there’s a fire but disasters still take their toll

Babies and toddlers might not be able to communicate well or at all with words, but they show their distress during disasters through behaviour. Here's how parents can help them cope.
The game’s players are able to customise their own storyline, which can then be ‘featured’ and shared with other players. The catch is, there’s more than 12 million creators - and the content isn’t exactly well-regulated. STEFANY LUNA DE LINZY /

Episode – Choose Your Story: the inappropriate game your kids have probably played

The mobile game has been downloaded more than 50 million times. If you have kids, they've probably played it. But it's more problematic than most people realise.

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