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The EU referendum has changed the debate on Scottish independence. PA/Jane Barlow

Scotland heads towards a second independence referendum

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, has indicated that the country will again seek independence – this time against the backdrop of Brexit.
Jim’s the new heid bummer. Danny Lawson/PA

Jim Murphy wins in Scotland … but can he save Ed Miliband?

So the bookies were right. The new leader of Labour in Scotland is indeed Jim Murphy. The challenge from Neil Findlay (less so Sarah Boyack) wasn’t enough to produce an upset. Not only is the future of…
Salmond sets out to march on London once more. Thierry Ehrmann

Exactly why does Alex Salmond want to return to Westminster?

Alex Salmond’s confirmation that he will contest the general election in 2015 completes what must count as one of the shortest retirements in British political history. While the pro-independence campaign…
Is former Better Together leader right about consequences of income tax devolution? Chris Boland

Scottish income tax control needn’t raise UK borrowing costs

Alistair Darling, writing in the Financial Times, warned this week that the full devolution of income tax to Scotland would increase UK borrowing costs and expose Scotland to the destabilising ups and…

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