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Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University is dedicated to transforming the prospects of our learners, inspiring them to become makers and doers. We are an integral part of the city in which we are based, with courses shaped by the needs of industry and partnerships with some of the country’s leading employers.

The University focuses on practice-led, knowledge-based learning, providing access to cutting-edge facilities and real-world experience, complemented by a £340 million investment in our estates and facilities.

Our teaching staff come from and maintain their links with industry, and we are constantly looking for new ways to enhance the learning experience. We have around 50 professional accreditations and a well-established reputation for delivering in-company training and development programmes.

Situated in Birmingham, the UK’s second city, the University has a reputation for widening participation and working with local communities. We welcome a broad mix of cultures and nationalities, and over half of our 25,800 students come from the city or the surrounding area.


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Parmi les musiciens les plus jeunes, l'intérêt pour la cassette audio va grandissant. BOOCYS/Shutterstock

Cassettes audio : un étonnant retour en grâce

Les cassettes audio ont de nouveau la cote, et cette fois, cela devrait tourner à l’avantage d’artistes moins connus.
Une fusée Long March-5, transportant un orbiteur, un atterrisseur et un rover dans le cadre de la mission Tianwen-1 vers Mars, décolle du centre de lancement spatial de Wenchang, dans la province de Hainan, au sud de la Chine, le 23 juillet 2020. Noel Celis/AFP

Pourquoi la Chine tient tant à gagner la nouvelle course aux étoiles

Pour la Chine, la conquête spatiale est un objectif qui s’inscrit pleinement dans sa stratégie de puissance globale.


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