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Misconceptions about coyotes are based on misunderstanding their behaviour. (Shutterstock)

Living peacefully with coyotes means respecting their boundaries

Coyotes are not, by nature, aggressive. But there is a pervasive myth that they are likely to attack unwarranted, and this belief is dangerous to the animals.
The Clerk of the Chamber of the Crown Office in the House of Lords presents the Queen’s seal affixed to the royal charter document, conferring city status on Brighton and Hove in 2001. Roger Bamber / Alamy Stock Photo

UK city status: why even small towns compete for the royal honour

To fête the 70th year of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, several towns – and a few villages – are to be granted the royal right to call themselves cities.
Cities that have vibrant cultural and public services tend to withstand mass plant closures and layoffs better than communities lacking them, and young people either move to them after plant closures or remain living in them. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson

Public and cultural services may play critical roles in a city’s resilience

Preliminary research suggests cultural and social services retain or attract employees hard hit by plant closures in other communities. Preserving them may help cities withstand future crises.
Interior green walls can improve air quality and reduce noise levels, improving the health and well-being of those who work there. (Shutterstock)

Green buildings can boost productivity, well-being and health of workers

Green buildings can cost more than conventional structures, but the small increase has noticeable benefits for those working and living within them.

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