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A clue to reversing ageing

A gene, which allows yeast cell to reset their age and double their lifespan, has been found by biologists at MIT. Human…
Mental stimulation can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. nany mata/Flickr

Victims of our own success: why more of us are facing dementia

When we think of dementia, we tend to imagine it as a condition that goes hand in hand with old age. What’s not talked about is the fact the diseases that cause it have a long genesis. Alzheimer’s Australia…
Your grandparents’ lifespan can offer some valuable clues. joeduty/Flickr

Who wants to live forever?

It’s well known that humans are living longer than ever before, thanks partially to developments such as sanitation and modern medicine. But will it ever be possible for humans to live forever? The late…
Financial measures to address ageing promote inequality and weaken the budget. Patrick Doheny/Flickr

The myth of the ageing ‘crisis’

So far there have been three Intergenerational Reports by Treasury examining the challenges of an ageing population which have consistently been used to justify new policies to address a potential ageing…

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