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Lack of discussion of alcohol’s harm to others contributes to how little it is regulated. AAP

Breaking the booze cycle: why we need higher alcohol taxes

A coalition of representatives from leading national health bodies are briefing parliamentarians today, calling for alcohol pricing to be placed on the agenda of the upcoming Federal Tax Forum in October…
Women should be allowed to have fun, without the media judging them. AAP/Jack Tran

The wilding of women: why the media should ease up on girls

Wilding, a word seldom used outside of sociology, describes compounded acts of immorality. Of teenagers, apparently, running amok. In packs usually, with rage and ribaldry in their eyes. I was thinking…

Buzz kills

No amount of alcohol seems to be safe for driving, according to a University of California, San Diego study. The study found…
More data on the effects of alcohol and energy drinks is needed to inform policy. loop oh/Flickr

Alcohol and energy drinks: too early to make bleary-eyed policy calls

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has called for a ban on the sale of pre-packaged alcoholic energy drinks based on recent research, echoing a similar call for bottle shops to stop selling pre-packaged…

Falling off the wagon again and again

Alcoholics may find it difficult to quit drinking because detoxification from alcohol damages the areas of the brain that…
A full English breakfast just doesn’t cut it. Iban

Monday’s medical myth: you can cure a hangover

Piping hot cups of coffee. A fat laden fried breakfast. Going for a run. Or maybe just going back to bed. There are plenty of claims about how you can cure a hangover. So, what’s the reality? If you’ve…
The Cancer Council’s alcohol abstinence message isn’t helpful. flickr/MrTinDC

Ignore the scaremongers – a drink (or two) is alright

The marketing of public health messages can bear some disturbing similarities to the way the tobacco, alcohol and food industries go about promoting their products. Recent suggestions by the Cancer Council…

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