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C. Elegans alive (left) and dead (right). Wellcome Trust

The worm that died in a blaze of blue glory

Never has “feeling blue” carried such a sense of finality. A new study has revealed the simple worm (Caenorhabditis elegans) meets its death in a flash of azure. And, according to researchers, the blue…
I’m 110 and still going strong. Nuno Cruz

Lust for life: breaking the 120-year barrier in human ageing

In rich countries, more than 80% of the population today will survive past the age of 70. About 150 years ago, only 20% did. In all this while, though, only one person lived beyond the age of 120. This…
Worrying about ageing is a waste of your time. Faith K Lefever

If you want to live longer, do nothing

I want to live longer and help others do the same. I assumed the most effective way to do that is by understanding the science of ageing and then engineering solutions to extend human lifespan. That is…
Growing old may not be desirable, but it is inevitable. kroszk@/Flickr

Old but not wise? Our growing anti-ageing industry

Growing old is generally viewed in negative terms in our society. And our individualistic and consumerist approach to health care leads us to believe that it’s within our power to alter the “biological…

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