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Informal food trade represents a critical source of employment and food security for the urban poor. Nic Bothma/EPA

Informal traders in African cities are being used as political pawns

By better understanding the politics and governance of African cities and variations across cities, we can identify feasible opportunities to improve informal traders’ livelihoods.
One of the successful outcomes of being part of 100 Resilient Cities is Living Melbourne: our metropolitan urban forest, a newly released strategy to increase vegetation cover in the city. Shutterstock

What next after 100 Resilient Cities funding ends?

Melbourne and Sydney are members of 100 Resilient CIties, which the Rockefeller Foundation has said it will no longer fund. So what has the global network achieved? And what can we learn from this?
The uncertainties about the new Badgerys Creek airport in Western Sydney are raising many questions that only good governance can resolve. from

Flying into uncertainty: Western Sydney’s ‘aerotropolis’ poses more questions than answers

Building a second Sydney airport will be a demanding engineering project. But the real challenge will be one of governance needed to choreograph the mix of old and new city that will surround it.

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