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Despite being more than two metres long, this lizard was only discovered last year. A. C. Diesmos (National Museum of the Philippines)

Lizards, cockroaches and batfish, oh my! See the top ten new species here

Titanic-eating bacteria, a jumping cockroach, the king of the leeches and a fish that looks like a pancake. These are just…
Hopes that UN agreements will save Borneo’s forests may be unrealistic. Flickr/Rainforest Action Network

Devastation and hope in Borneo: anthropologists’ first-hand account

Tourists from all over the world head to Borneo for orangutans, unspoiled ancient rainforests and an insight into the traditional way of life of the Dayak people. This ecotourism is based on an idyllic…
Sea levels are expected to rise between 0.5m and 1m by 2100, potentially at great cost to coastal infrastructure. AAP

Fix climate by 2020 or face huge costs

Governments and communities must take urgent action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions this decade or face enormous social…
Extinction rates have been overestimated but many species still on track to share the dodo’s fate. flickr

Debate rages over extinction rates paper

A paper casting doubt on a widely used method of calculating extinction rates has fuelled furious debate in scientific circles…
Vast numbers of species remain undiscovered, researchers found. Photo: Cyril Blazy

Half the world’s amphibians yet to be discovered

At least 48% of amphibians and 3% of land mammals globally remain undiscovered but could go extinct before they are found…
A missed opportunity to resuscitate our rivers. Flickr/wazzas world

A plea to think big: a vision for a budget beyond self-interest

A vision splendid of the sunlit plain extended? The federal budget acknowledges the profound impact of flood, fire and cyclones on our economy. It compensates, rebuilds and funds mental health programs…
When people want timber but animals need trees, how do we compromise? AAP

Conservation vs communities: can’t we all get along?

In the developing world, there’s often a face-off between conservation needs and the needs of the community, with neither coming out all that well. Is it possible to “save more space for nature” without…
Informative labelling can put us on the road to ethical choices. AAP

Want to avoid palm oil? You need a label

The most important factor determining whether consumers avoid purchasing a product containing palm oil is not how they feel about orangutans, the environment, or anything else for that matter. It’s whether…
The Tarkine is our largest cool temperate rainforest, but will that be enough to save it? Flickr/leonrw

Cynical politics condemns our national heritage

Once a place is heritage listed, it’s protected, right? Wrong. Politics and a flawed statutory regime are undermining the independence of the listing system, and threatening Australia’s national treasures…
Just how vulnerable and defenceless are whales? Flickr/Guarda La

Whaling may be over, but don’t be smug

There are several reasons why Australians should welcome the imminent demise of Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. But none of them relate to the triumphal claims recently expressed by the likes of…

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