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Regulations in the US and EU are intended to ensure that cosmetics and other personal-care products are safe, but the two continents approach the issue in different ways. Marco Verch/Flickr

Just how safe are cosmetics on the European market?

From miscarriages to cancer, poor regulation of cosmetics in the US have taken a devastating toll on consumers’ lives. Are European consumers any safer?
Giovanni Bellini, Young Woman at Her Toilette. Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Remaking history: how we are recreating Renaissance beauty recipes in the modern chemistry lab

To ‘make a beautiful face’, according to one 16th century recipe, you should take rosemary flowers and boil them with white wine.
Castor oil plant is popular in rural South Africa for its medicinal qualities. Creative Touch Imaging Ltd./NurPhoto via Getty Images

South Africa is rich in plants used for skincare: rural women helped us document some

Traditional herbal medicines and cosmetics remain popular in South Africa especially in rural areas where they are part of people’s culture.

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