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Some workplaces in the hospitality industry are especially toxic, resulting in employees experiencing burnout and mental health issues. (Shutterstock)

‘Dark leadership’ is a threat to Canada’s tourism industry

To remain competitive, hospitality companies must establish more attractive work environments by fostering positive workplace culture and incentivizing employees to work.
TV presenter Chris Packham and actor Emma Thompson were among protestors at the recent Restore Nature Now march in London calling for the government to prioritise environmental sustainability. Andy Soloman/Shutterstock

Labour’s plans for border and economic security aren’t sustainable unless it takes the threat of climate change seriously

With a massive public mandate for change, Keir Starmer’s Labour party should adopt three key principles that acknowledge the global gravity of our approaching climate disaster.
New hires shouldn’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd, according to recent research. (Shutterstock)

Standing out to fit in: How new employees can set themselves up for success at a new workplace

While starting a new job can be intimidating, new research offers suggestions that can alleviate some of the anxiety of being a newcomer and set new employees up for success at their new workplaces.
Tickets are a unique type of purchase because fans are emotionally invested but supply is controlled. Graham Drew Photography/Shutterstock

Finally, the time to tackle ticket touts may have come

Labour promised in spring that it wants to see a cap on ticket resale prices but it will likely come up against fierce opposition from business and touts.

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