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Online dating apps can provide a wealth of choice, but some users feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the experience. Shutterstock

Dating apps: marketing experts’ research reveals pitfalls to look out for, and tactics for success

Use of dating apps is on the rise and they can provide a wealth of choice. Research also shows that they can leave some users feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.
Social media sites have given many the potential to reach millions of people instantly. With that reach, the risks and impacts of defamation can be far greater. (Shutterstock)

Are We Dating The Same Guy? Online groups toe the line between protecting women and defaming men

Social media groups have emerged designed to protect women from bad dating experiences. Those who use them could be liable to being sued for defamation.
Dating apps like 2RedBeans and Tantan, that specifically cater to Chinese people, have become increasingly popular. (Joshua Chun/Unsplash)

Chinese immigrants look to digital Chinatowns to find love online

Chinese-oriented online dating platforms create “Chinatowns” in cyberspace, where Chinese daters gather in hopes of finding true love.
Research suggests that many people prefer ghosting rather than open and honest conversations that might lead to conflict and stress. Yifei Fang/Moment via Getty Images

When texts suddenly stop: Why people ghost on social media

With online use ever-increasing, so is the rise of ghosting – when friends decide to disappear into the social ether.

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