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Children need to learn how to sound out words they haven’t seen before. from

Why do we need a phonics test for six-year-olds?

Many young children can give the false impression that they are learning to read, when in fact they are mostly guessing words from pictures or context. This test will help to identify these students.
Do you often think you are going to fail an exam? from

How to overcome exam anxiety

There are ways to manage exam anxiety so that it doesn’t hugely impact your performance.
What will you remember? Test via Syda Productions/Shutterstock

How tests and wrong answers help us remember what we learn

Teachers give tests to find out what their students know. But tests do a lot more than that and can have a powerful effect on what a student remembers. In a typical research study looking at the links…
How do NAPLAN tests compare? Test image from

NAPLAN doesn’t stand up to international tests

A new parliamentary report on the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) finally takes a long, hard look at the calibre of these controversial tests. As part of the committee process…
If you want to improve science education, standardised science literacy tests is not the way to go. Test image from

NAPLAN science tests unlikely to improve science education

The federal Labor government’s proposal to expand the National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) franchise and include science literacy is not a surprising move. Once national testing…
Sorting high achieving students from their peers may be sending the wrong message. AAP/Dean Lewins

Our obsession with ‘natural’ talent is harming students

Results released from a major Victorian study on student learning show high achieving children’s performance in tests is “flat-lining”. The study, by Professor Patrick Griffin, followed 36,000 students…
Two new international reports on school performance should be put into perspective. Education image from

Are we headed for an educational disaster? Hardly

The recent release of Australia’s performance in the TIMMS (2011) and PIRLS (2011) test results has sparked much media comment about what this means for the quality of Australian education. The focus so…

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