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Virgin Australia is a dogged publicity hunter. The nation’s second-best known Minogue, Dannii, helped launch its first flight from Sydney to Hong Kong in June 2018. AAP Image/Supplied by Virgin Australia

On the offensive: why Virgin Australia gets called a publicity hound

Virgin Australia’s great military blunder of 2018 is a case study in corporate social responsibility gone wrong.
When airlines fill up, it’s not always easy to work out the cost. Patrick Lauke/Flickr

Explainer: fuel hedging and its impact on airlines and airfares

With oil prices on the decline, and analysts predicting record profits for the 2014/15 financial year, Qantas and Virgin Australia are under increasing pressure to abolish fuel surcharges and lower their…
Commentators have clamoured for the head of Alan Joyce after Qantas posted a $2.8 billion statutory loss. AAP/Paul Miller

Qantas turn-around: is Alan Joyce the right leader for the job?

Since becoming CEO in November 2008, Alan Joyce has led Qantas through one crisis after another: the global shut-down of operations in the 2011 industrial dispute; a major downgrade of Qantas credit rating…
Questions are being asked of the Qantas board over fleet decisions made years ago. Halans/Flickr

Did Qantas bet the house on the wrong planes?

When Qantas posted a A$2.8 billion loss - the highest in the airline’s history - last week, one critical point was that $2.6 billion came from a write-down of the value of the aircraft in the Qantas international…
Qantas is investing in a loss-making strategy, and there’s no easy way out. Dave Hunt/AAP

Qantas can bleed now or later, but capacity war must end

Tony Abbott has thrown a curve ball at Qantas in refusing to offer up the debt guarantee it wanted, but seeking to abolish Part 3 of the Qantas Sale Act in its entirety. This opens the door to foreign…
Qantas: out of options? Neuwieser/Flickr

Nothing short of a debt guarantee will save Qantas

Imagine that Virgin Australia was majority owned by a Chinese state-owned enterprise (SOE). Then, if the owners of Virgin tipped A$350 million of new equity into the company to sustain Virgin through a…
Qantas chief Alan Joyce and CFO Gareth Evans have a lot of work to do to return Qantas to profitability. Quentin Jones/AAP

Qantas job cuts just the start in long haul to recovery

Virgin Australia has joined arch rival Qantas in delivering a multi-million dollar half-year loss - albeit on a smaller scale. Both airlines have swung from profit to loss - Virgin from a prior half-year…
Qantas doesn’t just have a cost management problem: its strategy is failing. AAP

The 5000 Qantas job losses should include Alan Joyce

As was widely expected, Qantas this morning announced a major restructure of its operations. Included in that announcement are: 5000 job losses. A fleet restructure. Salary freezes. Route restructures…
Qantas wants a regulatory environment that would allow more foreign investment in the airline. Paul Miller/AAP

Q&A: Qantas the Australian airline, or not?

Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey has kicked off a debate about the foreign ownership of Qantas, flagging a review of the legislation…
Virgin Australia is trying to revive the supposed romance of aviation’s past. Virgin Australia

Romance reborn: can glamour reboot Virgin Australia’s image?

Remember when airline travel was all about glamorous hostesses, dashing pilots and the stylish, well-behaved jet-set class? No, I don’t either. But it’s a rose-tinted view of the past Virgin Australia…
The Qantas vs Virgin war is now being fought on a broader battleground, with new players rapidly gaining ground. Michael Coghlan via Flickr

Aussie airlines feel the pressure as international competition strengthens

The most recent round of what is presented in Australia as a battle for supremacy in a two-horse race saw Qantas and Virgin Australia revealing their annual results. Qantas reported a net profit for the…

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