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Constantly correcting content – like what you find on Wikipedia – has got people all shook up. From

Why it’s time the world embraced Wikipedia

Wikipedia is frequently considered an unacceptable and unreliable source of information. It's also constantly correcting – and isn't that what content should strive to do?
Critical mass of editors could help solve the puzzle. bastique

Why global contributions to Wikipedia are so unequal

The geography of knowledge has always been uneven. Some people and places have always been more visible and had more voices than others. But the internet seemed to promise something different: a greater…
The majority of edits to Wikipedia are done by volunteers. Flickr/mikeedesign

Paid editors on Wikipedia – should you be worried?

Whether you trust it or ignore it, Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world and accessed by millions of people every day. So would you trust it any more (or even less) if you knew people…
Some slices are bigger than others. jzawdubya

Geotagging reveals Wikipedia is not quite so equal after all

Wikipedia is often seen as a great equaliser. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people collaborate on a seemingly endless range of topics by writing, editing and discussing articles, and uploading images…
Do we know where to find the most credible information in an age of digital literacy? Shutterstock

Navigating the online information maze: should students trust Wikipedia?

Being literate used to be about knowing how to read. In the 21st century it also means knowing how to negotiate through the torrent of information coming at you from all directions. Information Fatigue…
Research is hard, but it’s worth doing properly. ulisse albiati

On the Hunt for credible information [citation needed]

A valid argument about a scientific issue requires support using robust, objective, peer-reviewed scientific evidence. This notion is drilled into university students from the beginning of their tertiary…
Mark Graham

Wikipedia wars tie tongues across the globe

Wikipedia, the collection of 37 million articles that anyone can edit, is defined by conflict. The ability for anyone to shape this global repository of knowledge inevitably means that we are presented…
Projects are underway to ensure the Paralympics doesn’t fade into the background. EPA/Joerge Carstensen

Wikipedia will help create the most ‘visible’ Paralympics ever

The 2012 Paralympic Games open in London tomorrow morning (AEST). These Games will build upon the successes of Sydney and Beijing in making visible the ability of outstanding athletes. And they are taking…
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales will help the UK government design a platform where all taxpayer-funded scholarly will be available for free. AAP/Yonhap News Agency

Wiki founder to build open access site for UK research

The British government has enlisted the services of Wikipedia in a push to make all taxpayer-funded academic research from…

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