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The ACCC has blocked the big four banks from bargaining with Apple for more control over Apple Pay. Damir Sagolj/Reuters

ACCC rejects the banks colluding to bargain on Apple Pay

The banks could have used their collective bargaining power not only against Apple for Apple Pay but also stall the adoption of mobile payments in Australia.
The ‘wireless’ symbol shows the card can broadcast its contents. Philip Toscano/PA

Visa flaw shows contactless payment still has its problems

Researchers have found the £20 limit for contactless payments with credit and debit cards can be tricked into accepting unlimited payments without entering a PIN number – when used with a foreign currency…
The increasing use of debit and credit cards as well as the introduction of contactless payment systems means cash is becoming a less essential part of society. flickr/craigregular

Are we moving towards a cashless society - or simply less cash?

There is mounting evidence that consumers are making less use of cash, while the use of electronic payment methods, particularly debit cards, continues to increase. But are we heading towards a cashless…