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Their football team might be out of the World Cup, but US viewership has skyrocketed during the tournament. EPA/Tannen Maury

Bigger than the Superbowl: the World Cup breaks viewing records

It’s official: more people in the US are streaming the World Cup than this year’s Superbowl, so it’s no surprise sports channel ESPN this week reported a 46% increase in viewership in group round games…
Samba’s origins lie in the dances and religious practices of the West African slaves. EPA/ Marcelo Sayao

Behind the beat: the Brazilian samba

All eyes are on Brazil and its vibrant culture, with the FIFA World Cup now into its third week and Rio de Janeiro set to host the 2016 Olympic Games. But while football is arguably Brazil’s most popular…
Television audiences may be fragmenting, but sport happens in the moment and demands instant – and lucrative – congregation. EPA/Fernando Bizerra Jr

World Cup: round ball, square eyes and hungering to excess

Just before a critical World Cup game against Spain in Rio de Janeiro, scores of ticketless Chile fans broke into the expensively rebuilt Maracana Stadium at its least secure point – the media centre…
Germany’s Sami Khedira has the option of citing the travel exemption during Ramadan. EPA/Srdjan Suki

Ramadan and the World Cup coincide … but it’s no big deal

The World Cup and Ramadan – the ninth month of the Muslim year, during which strict fasting is observed from sunrise to sunset – last clashed in 1986. This year they did so again in spectacular fashion…
Feigning injury in football today has reached truly epidemic proportions. EPA/Yuri Kochetkov

Faking it: why football players feign injury

We all know that professional football players feign injury. Is it getting worse? Probably. Do we know why? Not really, but history suggests some plausible answers. The first thing to say is that feigning…
After a penalty shoot out, the Brazilian team celebrated victory in the Homeless World Cup final in Poland last year. EPA/Marek Zakrzewski

Homeless, but not hopeless: the other football World Cup

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will come and go by mid-July, and with it leave its lasting impact — good and bad. But 2014 will also see the annual Homeless World Cup return to South America, some three…

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