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Young people in nursing homes aren’t free to eat, socialise and go out when they like. morberg

Young people in nursing homes denied basic human rights

Research published this week confirms what disability advocates have long known: that young people shouldn’t be forced to live in nursing homes. Our joint Summer Foundation and Monash University study…
Post-budget analysis has largely ignored the government’s achievements in aged care reform. Ernst Vikne

Navigating Australia’s bumpy road to aged care reform

Much of the budget analysis over the past week has concentrated on the shuffling of expenditure for 2012-13 back to this financial year in order to achieve a surplus. It’s true that $17.6bn of such transfers…
More than 600 young Australians with disabilities currently live in nursing homes.

It’s time to get young people out of nursing homes

Michelle Newland was 19 years old when she had a severe asthma attack that left her with hypoxic brain injury. After eight weeks, the hospital staff told Michelle’s parents that she was not suitable for…
A fairer and more sustainable system is being proposed. flickr/louisa_catlover

Moving in the right direction for better aged care

The Government’s aged care reforms are a landmark for setting valuable directions for better care. It’s the first such major initiative in more than 25 years – but there’s a long and uncertain road ahead…
Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Minister for Aged Care Mark Butler today unveiled a $3.7 bn aged care package. AAP

Aged care reform: experts respond

The Commonwealth government today announced a $3.7 bn package of reforms to give older Australians “more choice, easier access and better care” in their later years. The Living Longer Living Better plan…
We need to rethink our aged care workforce and funding for dementia patients. Alex E Proimos

Improving care for dementia patients in our ailing aged care system

Last week, Alzheimer’s Australia released a report that was highly critical of the way Australia’s aged care sector responds to the needs of dementia suffers and their families. It’s an issue that demands…
Chemicals are present in the brain a decade or so before symptoms occur. Rosie O Beirne

Alzheimer’s could be diagnosed and treated before symptoms occur

Dementia is among the largest cause of disability in Australians aged over 65 and affects memory, intellect, rationality, social skills and everyday activities. Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for…
Older people are finally being consulted about the type of care they need. EPA/Diego Azubel

Ask the elderly what they need, not the care industry

Australia’s population is ageing, presenting an economic challenge to look after the most vulnerable members of our society. The Productivity Commission released a report last month recommending a complete…
Every year outbreaks of influenza in aged-care facilities create major disruption. Alyssa L. Miller

Protecting our elderly: beating flu outbreaks in nursing homes

Flu outbreaks in nursing homes can lead to pneumonia, stroke and heart attacks among elderly residents. Staff are a major potential source of infection, but only around one in five get an annual flu shot…
Broadband-enabled technologies can ensure a more comfortable ageing process. sparktography

If I had a blank cheque I’d … reform Australia’s aged care system

Welcome to If I had a blank cheque … a series in which leading researchers reveal what they could (and would) do in their discipline if money were no object. Today we hear from Dr Kate Cornick, Executive…

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