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In a world first study, Victorian researchers showed that the number of girls presenting with abnormal pap smear results dropped after the introduction of a broad-based vaccination program. Flickr

Data suggest vaccinating girls against cervical cancer yields results

Australian researchers have shown for the first time that the number of girls presenting with pre-cancer cells on the cervix…
Cancer patients need to think twice before adding vitamins to their treatment. shannonkringen/flickr

A helping hand? Vitamins may be dangerous for cancer patients

Previously unthinkable questions about vitamin use by cancer patients are being asked following a series of recent clinical studies. Is it time for cancer patients’ love affair with vitamins to end? Might…
Many men experience reproductive issues yet find it difficult to talk about them. Jane Rawson

Talk about your tackle? There’s no point beating around the bush

Getting men to talk about their “tackle” – those bits below the belt – is no easy feat. And the fact men aren’t talking about their reproductive health means they are putting their health and quality of…
The Cancer Council’s alcohol abstinence message isn’t helpful. flickr/MrTinDC

Ignore the scaremongers – a drink (or two) is alright

The marketing of public health messages can bear some disturbing similarities to the way the tobacco, alcohol and food industries go about promoting their products. Recent suggestions by the Cancer Council…
The breast cancer research agenda is more balanced due to its public profile. AAP

Funding cancer research should not be a popularity contest

Some of the most serious forms of cancer are less likely to be the subject of a clinical trial than cancers with a less significant health impact. Research shows that even being a disease is a popularity…

Could molluscs cure cancer?

The cancer-fighting drugs of the future may be made from the humble sea mollusc, an Australian researcher has found. Australian…

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