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Burning a hole in your virtual pocket. zcopley

Bitcoin’s dilemma: go mainstream, or stay radical?

Bitcoin enthusiasts and libertarians the world over are in a state of confusion about the slowness with which the outside world is catching on to their new way of exchanging money. But regulators and lawmakers…
Unrest in Syria has raised concerns about world oil supplies. potomo

How the Syrian unrest affects world markets

Prospective US and UK military action in Syria has created jitters in the financial and commodities markets around the world. Stock markets have experienced significant losses, whereas commodities and…
A currency conversion deal between Australia and China, which would allow the renminbi to be traded directly against the Australian dollar, would slash costs for thousands of businesses. AAP

What would a Chinese currency conversion deal mean for Australia?

Julia Gillard leaves Australia for China tomorrow, her second trip to the Middle Kingdom as Prime Minister. As befits China’s status as Australia’s most important trading partner, the trip has attracted…
Gold and silver are traditionally considered “safe havens”. Image sourced from

Explainer: what are safe haven investments?

Safe haven investments are investments that provide a low level of risk during periods of extreme economic uncertainty. The problem is that a safe haven investment is a safe haven investment until it is…
Some commentators have suggested that the RBA should intervene in currency markets to tame the Australian dollar. But is this a wise move? betta design

Should the RBA act on the high Australian dollar? Experts respond

As foreign central banks continue to park their money in our triple-A rated bonds, the Australian dollar continues its inevitable ascent. The dollar traded as high as US106.03¢ after the RBA left the interest…
The Australian dollar has dropped to its lowest level in six months amid continuing global uncertainty: but does it remain over-valued? AAP

Australian dollar continues to drop; but is there more to come?

The Australian dollar has dropped to a six month low on continuing fears over a Greek exit from the Eurozone, despite pleas from European Union leaders. Head of discipline, Economics and Winthrop Professor…
Who would emerge better under a trans-Tasman currency regime: New Zealand or Australia? AAP

Is a trans-Tasman currency union on the money?

The idea of a shared currency between Australia and New Zealand is not new and has engendered discussion over the past two decades. It has recently come to the forefront as a result of our Prime Ministers…

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