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Senior Queensland Police at the 2014 launch of the Stay on Track Outback road safety project, sponsored by Santos, Izuzu and others. Queensland Police Service

Australian police tread a thin blue line on corporate sponsors

The Queensland Police will now disclose all sponsorships, after a backlash over almost A$700,000 in unnamed donations. But what are the lessons from elsewhere about police and corporate donors?
This wouldn’t have happened in standstill traffic. EPA

London’s congestion charge increases speed and saves lives

London has long been one of the world’s most congested cities. Before a £5 “congestion charge” was introduced for vehicles entering the city centre, cars would spend a third of their time in peak hours…
London’s schools have started to. David Parry/PA Wire

Why London’s secondary schools have improved so much

London’s secondary schools have seen rapid improvement in the last decade. Inner London moved from being the worst-performing region in England in 2003 to having better school results than any region outside…

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