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Dedication Ceremony at St. Theresa secondary school in Lira, Uganda, 2009. Students were forced to move away from a region taken by the Lord’s Resistance Army. Jesse Awalt/Flickr

Preventing sexual violence: lessons from rebel armies in Burundi and Uganda

Not all rebel armies use rape and sexual violence as a weapon. Some have actually designed ways to prevent such atrocities. How and what can we learn from them?
Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni speaks during a presidential campaign rally in the capital Kampala in 2016. Reuters/James Akena

After Mugabe, all eyes are on Museveni: how long can he cling to power?

As a young radical in the 1980s, Museveni publicly scorned African rulers who clung to power. Now, after 30 years in office, he is clearly clinging pretty hard himself.
Biomedical innovations can work with traditional methods like x-rays to guide doctors’ decisions. Reuters/Adriane Ohanesian

Africa needs to start creating its own medical technology. Here’s how

African countries need to start producing and developing their own medical devices. Suitably skilled biomedical engineers are needed for this sort of innovation to take root.

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