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Talks between North and South Korea have led to the rogue North agreeing to send a delegation to the upcoming Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. Reuters

The Winter Olympics and the two Koreas: how sport diplomacy could save the world

North Korea sending a delegation to this year's Winter Olympics in South Korea may be a global shadow puppet show – or it might help thaw the frozen relations between the two countries.
The Winter Games in Sochi cost $50 billion, making them the most expensive ever. Reuters

Chasing glory: why hosting the Olympics rarely pays off

The competition to host the Olympic Games has typically been fierce, but an increased awareness of the giant money pit they usually become is convincing some cities to think twice. Earlier this month Oslo…
No cheer now as Oslo pulls out of running for Winter Olympics 2022. EPA

Winter Olympics 2022: the event that (almost) nobody wants to host

The Norwegian government has withdrawn Oslo’s bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympics. Despite the country’s great wealth, it cited concerns over the cost of hosting the event. Oslo was the favourite of the…
A taste of things to come: protests against the Sochi games. EPA/Andy Rain

IOC failing on human rights as democracies drop Olympic bids

Oslo has pulled out of the bidding for the 2022 Winter Olympics, leaving only two cities in the running: the Chinese capital, Beijing, and Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan. This virtually guarantees…
Sochi’s bear mascot sheds a tear as the most expensive Winter Olympic Games come to a close. marcus_and_sue/Flickr (cropped)

The curtain drops on Sochi – and Fisht stadium is protest-free

The Closing Ceremony for the 2014 Sochi Olympics went off without a hitch last night. Again the theatrical extravaganza was mesmerising and some of the dazzle matched the earlier ceremony, but the finale…
In April 2011, men’s and women’s ski halfpipe events were approved to be included in the Sochi Winter Games. couloir/Flickr

Everyone’s a winner with new events at the Winter Games

As the Sochi Winter Games have now come to a close, it is possible to reflect on the unprecedented addition of 12 new winter sports events to the program. These new events – all of which have been added…
With the world’s eyes on Russia, anti-gay sentiment hasn’t alleviated. Flickr/jantangerine

A gay old time? Social media lessons from Russia

As the Winter Olympics in Sochi draw to a close, a brief survey of trending topics across social media and international press reveal some entertaining and frightening contradictions on the slippery slopes…
How do they do it? David Davies/PA Archive

Lutz or flutz? The tricky physics of figure skating

Figure skating is always the highlight of the Winter Olympics. With the introduction of a team competition this year, there are five figure skating events. And we’ve already seen much drama with records…
Russian biathlete Olga Medvedtseva was the only athlete to test positive to a banned substance in the 2006 Turin Winter Olympics. EPA/Gero Breloer

Higher, faster … cleaner? Doping and the Winter Olympics

A quick look at Wikipedia shows that Winter Olympians test positive for doping at a far lower rate than their Summer Olympic counterparts. The past two Summer Olympics (London and Beijing) saw 34 drug…
Shaun White lost his gold medal, but kept his cool. Andrew Milligan/PA

Winter Olympics embraces ‘cool’ to fight off X-Games threat

Though a slip cost him gold in the half-pipe, and perhaps his title as the king of 21st century snow sports, American snowboarder Shaun White is what a hero looks like in 2014. White is a phenomenon: a…
Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards 1988. PA Archive

Winter Olympic oddities are the real heroes at Sochi

When we think of heroes of the summer Olympics, we tend to remember the great achievements: those who broke records and won clutches of medals, people like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps. But at the winter…
Warming temperatures will make it hard for many Winter Olympics host cities - including Sochi - to hold the Games again. Flickr/Samsung Tomorrow

So long Sochi: cities set to be too hot to host Winter Olympics

Only six of the previous 19 Winter Olympics host cities would be suitable to host the Games again by the end of this century…
The calm before the storm: millions of people will descend upon the city of Sochi and its surrounding areas. What’s in place to mitigate their impact? EPA/Karl-Josef Hildenbrand

Sochi 2014 – a ‘rich green legacy’ to remember … or forget?

Since the late 1990s, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been committed to sustainable development. Since the Agenda for the Olympic Movement in the 21st Century (Agenda 21) was adopted in 1999…
The pomp and glamour of the Sochi Winter Olympics opening ceremony didn’t quite project an accurate version of Russian history. Flickr/Kristy Yang Photography

Looking through the spectacle, Olympic opening ceremonies can rewrite history

The role of an Olympic opening ceremony is twofold – it is a place to show off to the world and it is a place to converse with your own citizens. So what did the grand opening ceremony to the Sochi Winter…

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