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Alie Fataar, photographed during his exile in Zambia, was a revolutionary teacher. Courtesy of Alie Fataar

Born into revolution: reflections on a radical teacher’s life

Alie Fataar exemplifies the type of teacher South Africa sorely requires today if its classrooms are to be used to develop a new generation of critical, engaged students.
Would you admit to being a teacher? David Davies/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Would you admit to being a teacher today?

Are you a teacher? When you are at a party, a wedding or in the pub, and asked: “What do you do for a living?” – what do you say? Why might you lie? Is it too boring? Too complicated? Much too likely to…
Universities are increasing the number of academics who focus on teaching, not research. Lecturer image from

The rise of teaching-only academics: belated recognition or a slippery slope?

In 1988, then-federal education minister John Dawkins almost doubled the number of Australian universities. Dawkins did this by by merging colleges of advanced education and institutes of technology into…
There are now many sites that allow students to “review” their lecturers – but is this a good thing? shutterstock

Who’s afraid of ‘Rate your Professor’?

A number of years ago as a PhD student, I was told that you must “publish or perish”. The advice was clear: teaching should be secondary in any considerations. Instead, I should prioritise producing as…
We’ve all had good teachers… and bad ones. But how do you define quality teaching? Lecture image from

What makes a good teacher?

Do you have a good university lecturer? What makes them good? Is it because they make their classes relevant? Are their lectures interesting or challenging? Or maybe they’re just fun to be around? Good…

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