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“Don’t mess with me and my nest,” said the jackdaw with his eyes. Conor Lawless

Jackdaws use bright eyes to ward off competitors

Humans use their eyes constantly while communicating with others. Eye movements can be gestures, so that when we see someone glance to the side, we look in the same direction. Eyes can also be a warning…
Out and about on the digital farm. Sabrina Dent

Virtual nature makes us feel good even if it’s Farmville

Environmental psychologists have long known that encounters with the natural world are good for us. But nature can now also be found in our virtual lives – in the photos we share online, the games we play…
England’s green and pleasant land: will biodiversity offsetting help or hinder it? Gareth Fuller/PA

Biodiversity offsets may drive growth, but duck the problem

The idea behind biodiversity offsets is to develop a new way of preserving nature that more accurately accounts for the value to us of the natural world. The abundance and diversity of plants and animals…
Seamus Heaney up close with the local environment. Burns Library, Boston College

Seamus Heaney - the death of a naturalist

The sudden death on Friday of the Irish Nobel prize-winning poet Seamus Heaney has focused international minds and media on the power of poetry to affect our lives. This is especially true from an environmental…

Friendship important to dolphins

While researchers have already known for a long time that dolphins associate in the equivalent of human “mum’s clubs”, the…

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